Camera Club of
Laguna Woods


Digital Critiques

Six Digital Critiques are scheduled for 2017. Instead of awarding First, Second, and Third Place, our system is based on points:

Images that receive a score of 9 are exhibited on our Web site in the Winning Images Archive.

This scoring system

Judging of Non-Scored Images

For two of the Digital critiques held during the year, in addition to the regular categories, a fourth category of "non-scored" images will be included. Each member can submit up to two entries to this "non-scored" and open category, which means that any topic will be acceptable. This new category enables any club member to enter images and have a professional judge review them for critique input.

Divisions in the Digital Critique

This PDF document lists the divisions in our digital critiques and explains how many entries can be submitted for each category.

New Rules for Digital Critiques

You can open and print this PDF copy of the 2017 Rules for Digital Critiques.

Special Subject Categories for 2017

The special subject categories for 2017 are

Read this handout (PDF) for an explanation of the special subject categories.

Guidelines for Success

Pat Wilkinson has prepared a handout that contains all the information you need to successfully select, prepare, and submit your images for the digital critique: Secrets of the Digital Evaluation (PDF: 4,704 KB). This document has been recently updated to include the latest requirements. However, based on resolution problems discovered in the January Digital Critique, we suggest that you set your image resolution to 150 ppi.

Submitting Images for Digital Critique

Images must be submitted to the following email address no later than 5:00 pm on the Thursday before the event:

Print Critiques

Two Print Critiques are scheduled for 2017.

The special subject categories are Animals (March) and Water (September).

Here is the description for the special subject water:

Any photo that has water in it will be eligilible, as long as the image is realistic and could have occurred naturally. (No altered reality).  Water in any state, whether liquid, solid (ice) or state gas (vapor) qualifies.  Water need not be the primary component of the image, but it should be noticable and an important component of the image.

New Rules for Print Critiques

You can open and print this PDF copy of the Print Critique Rules (16 KB).

Slide Show Competition

The Slide Show Competition is held annually in June.

You can open and print this PDF copy of the Slide Show Competition Rules (11 KB).

Judging Criteria

You can open and print this PDF copy of the judging guidelines for entries (15 KB).