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April Club Events

Tuesday, April 2
Class/Workshop: Faststone Viewer, presented by Peter Battin
Clubhouse 4, Large Classroom, 1:30 to 3:30

Faststone is designed to work on pc computers only. It is freeware, but very powerful. It won’t replace Photoshop or Elements, but it does many things faster and easier than Photoshop or Elements. If you are thinking about post processing your images but you are not sure if you want to commit to the many classes and expensive software, Faststone viewer might be just what you are looking for. Peter is a 20 year Photoshop user, but he uses Faststone viewer four times more than Photoshop.

This class is free to members, and $5.00 for nonmembers. If you have a laptop, download the Faststone viewer from and bring it to class to follow instruction.

To register, email with the Subject line: “Faststone Viewer.” Include your name, address, telephone number, and whether you are already a Camera Club member. We will confirm your acceptance by email reply, or if the registrations exceed 45 you will be placed on a waiting list and notified.

Monday, April 8
Place: Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm
Showcase: "Wild People, Wild Places, Wild Girl," presented by Jami Tarris

Living just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, professional wildlife and conservation photographer Jami Tarris will take us on another exciting adventure in the field of photographing wildlife and landscapes in primitive locations around the world. This time, Jami will also talk about photographing primitive peoples and tribes in wild places. Having just returned from a month in Mongolia while facing challenges like photographing in frigid temperatures (-40ºF below zero ), living with nomadic tribes without running water and amenities, sleeping in gers on snow, and living on reindeer meat and yak butter tea, Jami will share her secrets to capturing people naturally. She will talk about photographing in extreme weather conditions and briefly talk about the secrets of taking beautiful imagery long after the sun sets.

Published worldwide in books, newspapers, calendars and magazines such as National Geographic, Africa Geographic, Geo France, Geo Germany, Outdoor, Outside, BBC and many more, Jami will share about her life as a professional nature photographer and take us behind the scenes. She will talk about life in the field for months at a time and her real-life encounters with wild animals and primitive tribes. Her photography adventure company,"‘Wild Focus Expeditions" will introduce you to new places where you will be inspired to capture the wild world of nature with your camera. Join us for an entertaining and educational evening that will inspire you to get back to nature and maybe even get a little "Wild." 

Monday, April 22
Place: Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm
Showcase: "Traveling the California Coast," presented by Ralph Nordstrom

Join Ralph Nordstrom, a world renowned fine art landscape photographer, and travel with him up the coast.  Learn the tricks and techniques pro photographers use to capture the spirit of wild surf, graceful waterfalls, stately redwood groves and the spectacular moments only found on these water!  Ralph Nordstrom is a fine art landscape photographer and educator who lives in Southern California. His photographs have won numerous awards and he speaks at camera clubs and leads photography workshops in the Western United States. “Life is too short to not pass along what you have learned,” he often says. Check out his work, workshops, and blog on his website:  

Refreshments and socializing from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. The program starts at 7:00.

Everyone is welcome. Non-members will be charged $3.00 at the door.

Camera Club Member Presentations on Channel 6

Did you know that our own Channel 6 has a time-slot set aside each week for the Camera Club to show off the work of its members?  For several months now, we have had the 11:30am time-slot each Wednesday morning for half an hour, allowing our members to show several short shows, or one or two long shows. These shows have been posted on YouTube and enjoy a nice following.  And now, those members living outside of the Village will be able to see the show too!

So, everyone, spend an enjoyable half hour traveling round the world, or enjoying our own Village and its’ environs.  Pat Wilkinson is the liaison between the club members and Paul Ortiz at Channel 6.  She would appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to offer their work for this fun program or, if you have any questions etc. The more you publicize this program, the more our residents will be able to enjoy our shows.  Please get in touch at:

Link to member shows

Laurent Martres Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

One of the Club's professional presenters, Laurent Martres, has just put together a wonderful smart phone guide to photographing Zion National Park. It is filled with tips and amazing images, to make your trip more enjoyable. Click this link for more information and to purchase it:

Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

Erin Manning's Recommended Smart Phone Apps for Photographers

Here is a PDF from travel photographer Erin Manning that lists smart phone apps for photography, video, and travelling.

2018 Slide Show Competition Results

Fifteen entries were received for year's slide show competiton. Congratulations to the entrants for their originality and creativity. Here are the winners for 2018:

First Place

Jim Graver: "The World of Macro Photography"

Second Place

Pat Wilkinson: "Cats Rule the World"

Third Place

Ken Furuta: "Tennis in the Desert"

Larry Cunningham Wins Award for Bristlecone Pine Night Photo

Larry Cunningham has won First Place in the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce photo contest and will be the featured photographer in their Welcome Booklet. He was also awarded a cash prize. To see Larry's winning photo of a bristlecone pine and the milky way as well as related images, go to his Facebook site.

List of 2019 Special Subjects for Digital Critiques

Here is a list of upcoming special subjects for our 2019 digital critiques:

Past Digital Critique Results

If you missed the past Digital Critiques, you can view the PowerPoint presentations of all the entered images that is stored in our Winning Images Archive. Each time that the club has a critique, we make a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation captioned with the name of the image and the photographer. It might take awhile for the presentation to load on your computer, because the file is very large.The Winning Images Archive also has copies of the scoresheets from each critique.

Digital Lab Resources Available for Members

Camera Club members have new and updated resources available for use. For details, see the Resources page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Digital Critique Team Needs Backup Members

One of the major functions of your Camera Club is to hold professional evaluations of your digital photos at least 5 times a year.  This activity requires that a team of members are trained to perform the following tasks:

The Digital Critique is one of the few Camera Club activities that almost everyone likes to participate in, and we feel the need for an additional team of substitutes who can step in as needed. Training will be made available.

Would you like to be part of this process and work behind the scenes so that the club can continue to make these evenings as productive and interesting as possible?

Please send an email message to the Education Committee at if you would like to join in this activity or want further information.

Digital Lab Substitutes

Your Camera Club Digital Photo Lab at Clubhouse 4 has opportunities available and we would like to add your name to the list of Substitutes who fill in when Supervisors have appointments, vacations or are feeling under the weather.

This is a great opportunity for you to use your Digital Photo Lab computers to edit your photos, create photo prints on one of the high quality printers, scan your slides and negatives to digital images or scan and repair treasured photos to create digital images.

Please contact the Third Vice President at

Education Committee

This volunteer committee reviews and approves training curriculum, evaluates training presenters and schedules training classes and workshops. The committee operates under the guidance of and is appointed by the Camera Club of Laguna Woods Fourth Vice President. If you have experience in developing or presenting training classes, have already developed training classes that you would like to offer to club members or have developed a workshop of approximately one and one half to two hours that you would like to present at a workshop, please email, Subject: Education Committee. Please also let us know if you would serve as a training assistant.