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February Events

Tuesday, February 5
Class: "Phone and Tablet Photography." taught by Peter Battin and Joel Goldstein
Clubhouse 4, Large Classroom, 1:30 to 3:30

Phone and tablet cameras, they get no respect. How many times have you said to someone while showing a picture, "It’s only from my cell phone"?  WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? These cameras are amazing and better than stand-alone cameras from five years ago! 

In our class, we will show you how to take pictures that you will be proud of and amaze your friends that you took such a beautiful picture with “only “ your cell phone.

We will start the class by reviewing the basics of good photography, then by giving an introduction to post processing, and finally by sharing and organizing your photos using Google Photo. 

All are welcome. Camera Club members are free, nonmembers must pay $5.00.

To register, email with the Subject line: “Phones and Tablets.” Include your name, address, telephone number, and whether you are already a Camera Club member. We will confirm your acceptance by email reply, or if the registrations exceed 45 you will be placed on a waiting list and notified.

Monday, February 11
Place: Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm
Showcase: "An African Safari," presented by Jim and Linda Lenthall

Jim and Linda have gone on an African safari 10 times and this program is a collection of digital images and video from their most recent trip to South Africa and Namibia. This African safari was billed as a “Big Cat” experience. It did have lots of big cats (Lion, Leopard and Cheetah) but also lots of little cats that aren’t really cats (Meercats). There were also many dogs (the rare African Wild Dogs). We photographed a Hyena den and watched the antics of the very young hyena. After visiting two private camps in South Africa we traveled to Namibia where we spent several days in a Cheetah rehabilitation center with over 30 “wild Cheetah” and several that were willing to let us photograph them running at their top speed. It was a real treat.

Jim will present a high definition slide show, and Linda will show a short high definition program featuring the meercats.

This event is for Laguna Woods Village residents and guests only. All are welcome, but a $3.00 donation for non-members will be collected at the door.

Monday, February 18 and February 25
Class/Workshop: "Photo Design," presented by Penni Rubin
Clubhouse 4, Large Classroom, 1:30 to 3:30

The first class is a discussion of composition. In the second class, students will view what they did for homework, and Penni will discuss the design elements in the photographs. 

All are welcome. Camera Club members are free, nonmembers must pay $5.00 for each class.

To register, email with the Subject line: “Photo Design.” Include your name, address, telephone number, and whether you are already a Camera Club member. We will confirm your acceptance by email reply, or if the registrations exceed 45 you will be placed on a waiting list and notified.

Saturday, February 23
Place: Clubhouse 4 Classroom, 10:00 am
Print Critique

Categories for this critique are Color Pictorial, Monochrome and Special Subject (Smart Phone Photography). You may enter up to three (3) pictoial, two (2) monochrome, and one (1) special subject (cell phone photos). All entries must be delivered to the Photo Lab no later than noon on Wednesday February 20. Matted photos must have a completed entry card filled out for each category and be placed in a trash bag along with photos by category. Complete entry rules are located on the bulletin board in the Mat Room of the Photo Lab and on the Critiques page of this website.

Monday, February 25
Place: Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm
Showcase: "Underwater and Topside Photography," presented by Brooke Peterson

Our February 25, 2019 Showcase will feature Brook Peterson, a renown underwater photographer whose work has been published in many publications, including Scuba Diver Magazine, California Diver, Oceanographic Magazine, and Underwater Photography.  She publishes a blog on underwater photography techniques, conducts workshops around the world, and produces tutorials for on-line resource guides.  Her passion for underwater photography and aspiration for new discovery has taken her to many diverse locations on the planet.  Be prepared to see some beautiful images of fascinating marine wildlife in oceans around the world, and hear stories of her unique underwater photo shoots. 

Brook will also share some images and stories attributable to her father, John Parkinson, a nationally published landscape photographer and recipient of numerous awards.  He has photographed landscapes in the southwestern United States for more than 50 years, and several of his large prints hang in the corridors of the United States Congress.

Please join us at the February 25 Showcase to see and hear about the work of Brook Peterson (“Underwater”) and John Parkinson (“Topside”). 

This event is for Laguna Woods Village residents and guests only. All are welcome, but a $3.00 donation for non-members will be collected at the door.

March Club Events

Monday, March 11
Place: Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm
Showcase: The Three Amigos

Travels in Ecuador, presented by Mike and Carolyn Bray

This slideshow features the experiences of Mike and Carolyn Bray in the world of nature in both Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Their photography includes the many bird species found in Ecuador, the topography of the Andes, and the fauna of the Galapagos Islands.  Ecuador is an ecological delight and home to over 130 species of hummingbirds. Come and enjoy nature’s treasures!

Japan and Southeast Asia, presented by Ken Furuta

This Asian tour included nine cities in the countries of Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.  Highlights include the beautiful Imperial Palace gardens in Tokyo, grand pavilions and temples in Osaka, the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan, the fascinating marble mountain caves in Da Nang, Vietnam, and interesting and unusual architecture in Singapore.

Hurley Pro Surfing Contest, presented by George Harper

See the Hurley Pro Surfing Contest and marvel at the ability of these wonderful surfers.

Monday, March 25
Digital Projected Image Critique: Special Subject – Street Photography
Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods, Dining Room 2 at 6:30 pm

Join us on Monday, March 25 in Dining Room 2 of the Performing Arts Center of Laguna Woods to view projected images submitted by members and critiqued by a professional judge. Categories are Pictorial, Monochrome, and Special Subject: Street Photography. For details, see the Digital Competition Rules (PDF) and the Special Subjects explanation: 2019 Special Subjects for Digital Critiques (PDF). Send your correctly sized digital images as attachments in a single email message to images sent to any other email address may be excluded from the critique. Entries are due by 5:00 pm, Wednesday, March 20.

This event is for for Laguna Woods Village residents and their guests. A $3.00 donation will be collected at the door for non-members who attend this event.

Camera Club Member Presentations on Channel 6

Did you know that our own Channel 6 has a time-slot set aside each week for the Camera Club to show off the work of its members?  For several months now, we have had the 11:30am time-slot each Wednesday morning for half an hour, allowing our members to show several short shows, or one or two long shows. These shows have been posted on YouTube and enjoy a nice following.  And now, those members living outside of the Village will be able to see the show too!

So, everyone, spend an enjoyable half hour traveling round the world, or enjoying our own Village and its’ environs.  Pat Wilkinson is the liaison between the club members and Paul Ortiz at Channel 6.  She would appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to offer their work for this fun program or, if you have any questions etc. The more you publicize this program, the more our residents will be able to enjoy our shows.  Please get in touch at:

Link to member shows

Laurent Martres Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

One of the Club's professional presenters, Laurent Martres, has just put together a wonderful smart phone guide to photographing Zion National Park. It is filled with tips and amazing images, to make your trip more enjoyable. Click this link for more information and to purchase it:

Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

Erin Manning's Recommended Smart Phone Apps for Photographers

Here is a PDF from travel photographer Erin Manning that lists smart phone apps for photography, video, and travelling.

2018 Slide Show Competition Results

Fifteen entries were received for year's slide show competiton. Congratulations to the entrants for their originality and creativity. Here are the winners for 2018:

First Place

Jim Graver: "The World of Macro Photography"

Second Place

Pat Wilkinson: "Cats Rule the World"

Third Place

Ken Furuta: "Tennis in the Desert"

Larry Cunningham Wins Award for Bristlecone Pine Night Photo

Larry Cunningham has won First Place in the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce photo contest and will be the featured photographer in their Welcome Booklet. He was also awarded a cash prize. To see Larry's winning photo of a bristlecone pine and the milky way as well as related images, go to his Facebook site.

List of 2019 Special Subjects for Digital Critiques

Here is a list of upcoming special subjects for our 2019 digital critiques:

Past Digital Critique Results

If you missed the past Digital Critiques, you can view the PowerPoint presentations of all the entered images that is stored in our Winning Images Archive. Each time that the club has a critique, we make a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation captioned with the name of the image and the photographer. It might take awhile for the presentation to load on your computer, because the file is very large.The Winning Images Archive also has copies of the scoresheets from each critique.

Digital Lab Resources Available for Members

Camera Club members have new and updated resources available for use. For details, see the Resources page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Digital Critique Team Needs Backup Members

One of the major functions of your Camera Club is to hold professional evaluations of your digital photos at least 5 times a year.  This activity requires that a team of members are trained to perform the following tasks:

The Digital Critique is one of the few Camera Club activities that almost everyone likes to participate in, and we feel the need for an additional team of substitutes who can step in as needed. Training will be made available.

Would you like to be part of this process and work behind the scenes so that the club can continue to make these evenings as productive and interesting as possible?

Please send an email message to the Education Committee at if you would like to join in this activity or want further information.

Digital Lab Substitutes

Your Camera Club Digital Photo Lab at Clubhouse 4 has opportunities available and we would like to add your name to the list of Substitutes who fill in when Supervisors have appointments, vacations or are feeling under the weather.

This is a great opportunity for you to use your Digital Photo Lab computers to edit your photos, create photo prints on one of the high quality printers, scan your slides and negatives to digital images or scan and repair treasured photos to create digital images.

Please contact the Third Vice President at

Education Committee

This volunteer committee reviews and approves training curriculum, evaluates training presenters and schedules training classes and workshops. The committee operates under the guidance of and is appointed by the Camera Club of Laguna Woods Fourth Vice President. If you have experience in developing or presenting training classes, have already developed training classes that you would like to offer to club members or have developed a workshop of approximately one and one half to two hours that you would like to present at a workshop, please email, Subject: Education Committee. Please also let us know if you would serve as a training assistant.