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Annual Dinner and Awards

Event to Be Held on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, starting at 5:00 pm for cocktails
Location: Main Lounge of Laguna Woods Clubhouse 1

Be sure to attend our annual Digital Image Awards Dinner for 2021. For more information, refer to the links to the following attachments:

Flyer for Dinner (JPG format)
Be sure to read the COVID-19 protocol information on this flyer.

RSVP form for Dinner (Required)

Links to Past Club Showcases

"The Long and Short of Exposure Times," presented by Tony Prince

If you missed this presentation, you can view it here:

"Costa Rica, a Trip through the Wonders of Nature," presented by Mike & Carolyn Bray and Ken & Susan Furuta

If you missed this presentation, you can view it here:

Annual Slide Show Competition Results

The annual Slide Show Competition, held on June 14 with seven unique shows entered by members. The online voting returned a 3-way tie for first place. As a result, no second and third place winners were selected. All seven shows will be available for viewing in July on Channel 6.

Here are the winners in alphabetical order:

Clubhouse 4 Photo Lab Reopens

Now that the Village is beginning to reopen, the Camera Club’s bulk film scanner is again available to all residents of Laguna Woods Village. Any resident can easily digitize - for free - those boxes and carousels of slides you never look at any more, store them on a thumb drive and share them via Email, Facebook or other social media.

For Laguna Woods residents only, we also have 2 large professional quality, large-format printers, a portrait studio, an over-head camera stand, a classroom, a mounting & matting room, 4 computers for adjusting your shots with Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, etc. A supervisor will assist you to get the finest results.

In order to provide Village residents the best possible service with the resources available, the hours for the Photo Lab are 9:00 to 4:00 every day by appointment only. To make an appointment, select the supervisor that you think can best help you from the following list (also available on our Facebook page and posted on the door of the Photo Lab). Call or email that supervisor and arrange a mututally agreeable date and time.

Photo Lab Appointment Only List.

(BTW, Costco recently closed their in-store photo department.)

Year-End Members Pictures Slide Show

Here is the link to the members pictures slide show that was presented at the December 8 virtual meeting on Zoom: 

Erin Manning June Presentation on Travel Photography

The excellent Showcase/lesson on travel photography by Erin Manning held on June 22nd is available online. If you missed it or want to watch it again go to You may access her informative instructional videos at The following link details the tips in Erin's presentation: 

Camera Club Member Presentations on Channel 6

Did you know that our own Village TV has a time-slot set aside each week for the Camera Club to show off the work of its members?  We have had the 11:30 am time-slot each Wednesday morning for half an hour, and from 10:30 to 11:00 on Saturday mornings. These time periods allow our members to show several short shows, or one or two long shows. These shows are often posted on YouTube and enjoy a nice following and allow those living outside of the Village see them also.

So, everyone, spend an enjoyable half hour traveling round the world, or enjoying our own Village and its’ environs. Joel Goldstein is the liaison between the club members and Village TV. He would appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to offer their work for this fun program or to answer any questions. Please get in touch at:

December Presentation: Tour of Bhutan by Jim Lenthall

The December Camera Club program on Village TV will be a colorful tour of Bhutan by master photographer the late Jim Lenthall. This program will be broadcast every Wednesday at 11:30 am and every Saturday at 10:30 am.

November Presentation: Tour of Korea by Steve Ryang

The November Camera Club program on Village TV will be a colorful tour of South Korea including a family reunion by Camera Club member Steve Ryang. This program will be broadcast every Wednesday at 11:30 am and every Saturday at 10:30 am.

You can also access this presentation at the following address:

October Presentation: Flowers from Here and There, by Joel Goldstein

The October Camera Club program on Village TV will be a showing of 164 flowers of many kinds from around the United States and Europe, accompanied by Mozart sonatas. This 30-minute program will be broadcast every Wednesday at 11:30 am and every Saturday at 10:30 am. The photos were taken by Joel Goldstein. You are invited to relax and enjoy the beauty and variety of nature. You can access this program at the following address:

September Presentation: Follow My Footsteps, by Don Hill

Join Villager Don Hill as he journeys through his day, visiting his family in Arizona, Dana Point, and the flora of Laguna Woods. You’ll be captivated by his creativity. The running time for this video is a little over 28 minutes. You can access it at the following address:!ArweFfqlHw7ggaEYM5ncp9uknmvD3g

August Presentation: Tom Getz's Favorite Mammals

This show includes more than 100 species of mammals, from anteaters to zebras. The photography spans more than 20 years and seven continents.

July Presentation: 2021 Slide Show Competition

This show contains the seven entries of the annual Club slideshow competition. It is compelling photography and creativity in three countries and 7 different styles. The running time is approximately 30 minutes.!AiyO1dIJlcq713B-6kK2jDG3_fmw?e=v0j21L

June Presentation: The Horse Show

The June show is by Tom Getz and features actual horses and artistic representations of them from around the world. Prepare to be amazed at these stunning images of horses at work, in the wild, at play, in sport, and rendered in various media to enliven our lives. It took Tom many years of far-flung travel to be able to create this amazing show.

May Presentation: European River Cruise

The Club video this month on Village TV, Channel 406, is Ken Furuta’s spectacular European River Cruise. It is shown Wednesdays at 11:30 am and Saturdays at 10:30am.

You can also view this presentation at

April Presentation: African Safari

The April Village TV program is an African Safari by Louise Stuart. This beautiful video is available on YouTube at:

March Presentation: Motorcycle Adventure through Mexico

David Dearing takes us on a colorful, musical motorcycle adventure from Mexico City to Cancun with stops in Cuetzalan, Oaxaca, Chichen Itza, and Manahual.

This presentation is available on YouTube at:

February Presentation: Death Valley and The Wedge

Let George and Bette Harper take you on visits to two amazing places, The Wedge, and Death Valley, accompanied by stirring music.

This presentation is available on YouTube at:

January Presentation: Laguna Woods Scenes, Huntington Library and Gardens, and the Clown College

In January the Camera Club’s Village TV program will feature Pat Wilson’s video of Laguna Woods scenes, the Huntington Library and Gardens, and the Clown College. Pat compiled this beautiful – and zany when you get to the clowns – video from her own photography and that of other Camera Club members.

This presentation is available on YouTube at:

December Presentation: Along the Alaska Highway

Known as The Last Frontier, famous for vast wilderness, oil, hunting, fishing, wildlife, glaciers and harsh conditions, the people of Alaska pride themselves on rugged individualism. Most tourists visit Alaska by air or sea, but a few (fool?)-hardy souls drive the Alaska Highway to experience Alaska’s Interior.

Louise Stuart and her husband Craig covered 15,000 miles in their motorhome, over a 4-month period, to fulfill Craig’s retirement dream and explore The Land of the Midnight Sun.  See a land perhaps far different from that you’ve seen or imagined.

This presentation is available on YouTube at:

November Presentation: C&O Canal

In November enjoy the C&O Canal which runs from Washington DC to Cumberland, Maryland. Along the way it passes through historic Harper’s Ferry WV. This video, by Joel Goldstein, features many scenes in brilliant Fall colors and appropriate, stirring music. Take yourself on a relaxing, beautiful trip!

The presentation is also available on YouTube at:

September Presentation: African Image

The September Camera Club Village TV video is David Dearing's motorcycle journey through South Africa, African Image. He and his friends travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town and explore sights along the way. The video is accompanied by South African music. A real treat.

It is now on Youtube at:

August Presentation: Larry Cunningham Videos

The August Club show on Village TV is a compilation of 7 of Larry Cunningham’s videos. Six of these wonderfully photographed and produced videos show Western natural beauty set to enriching music. A bonus video of “marching ants” is one you’ll want to share with kids—and adults. During August the videos will be shown on Wednesdays at 11:30 am and on Saturdays at 10:30 am on Channel 406.

The Show is available on Youtube at

Laurent Martres Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

One of the Club's professional presenters, Laurent Martres, has just put together a wonderful smart phone guide to photographing Zion National Park. It is filled with tips and amazing images, to make your trip more enjoyable. Click this link for more information and to purchase it:

Guide to Photographing Zion National Park

Erin Manning's Recommended Smart Phone Apps for Photographers

Here is a PDF from travel photographer Erin Manning that lists smart phone apps for photography, video, and travelling.

List of 2021 Special Subjects for Digital Critiques

Here is a list of upcoming special subjects for our 2021 digital critiques:

Past Digital Critique Results

If you missed the past Digital Critiques, you can view the PowerPoint presentations of all the entered images that is stored in our Winning Images Archive. Each time that the club has a critique, we make a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation captioned with the name of the image and the photographer. It might take awhile for the presentation to load on your computer, because the file is very large.The Winning Images Archive also has copies of the scoresheets from each critique.

Digital Lab Resources Available for Members

Camera Club members have new and updated resources available for use. For details, see the Resources page.

Volunteer Opportunities

Digital Critique Team Needs Backup Members

One of the major functions of your Camera Club is to hold professional evaluations of your digital photos at least 5 times a year.  This activity requires that a team of members are trained to perform the following tasks:

The Digital Critique is one of the few Camera Club activities that almost everyone likes to participate in, and we feel the need for an additional team of substitutes who can step in as needed. Training will be made available.

Would you like to be part of this process and work behind the scenes so that the club can continue to make these evenings as productive and interesting as possible?

Please send an email message to the Education Committee at if you would like to join in this activity or want further information.

Digital Lab Substitutes

Your Camera Club Digital Photo Lab at Clubhouse 4 has opportunities available and we would like to add your name to the list of Substitutes who fill in when Supervisors have appointments, vacations or are feeling under the weather.

This is a great opportunity for you to use your Digital Photo Lab computers to edit your photos, create photo prints on one of the high quality printers, scan your slides and negatives to digital images or scan and repair treasured photos to create digital images.

Please contact the Third Vice President at

Education Committee

This volunteer committee reviews and approves training curriculum, evaluates training presenters and schedules training classes and workshops. The committee operates under the guidance of and is appointed by the Camera Club of Laguna Woods Fourth Vice President. If you have experience in developing or presenting training classes, have already developed training classes that you would like to offer to club members or have developed a workshop of approximately one and one half to two hours that you would like to present at a workshop, please email, Subject: Education Committee. Please also let us know if you would serve as a training assistant.